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Cannon Estimation LLC exists to ensure your vision becomes a reality. It is embedded in our core values to help customers solve complex problems, ensuring our clients execute projects with peace of mind by providing professional construction estimating services.

Why You Should Hire Construction Estimating Consultants?

We have the software and trained staff to do your cost takeoff estimating with greater speed and accuracy than any other construction estimating firm in construction sector. We can quantify the necessary materials required for completion of any project.
Our team gets into work with your construction cost estimation as soon as we receive your PDF, blueprint, or CAD drawing. Let our speed give you a competitive edge in your market, and it helps you speed up your work too. Take advantage of the best turnaround time in the industry.

Cannon Estimation experts utilize Plan swift 9.0 for most projects. So, there is no project too big or too small or complex for us to complete. Our company can also provide you electrical estimation services when it is time for your company to estimate the cost of a construction design and figure the project’s budget. Contact us right away and to get the job done for you swiftly and precisely.
Our firm has licensed engineers, certified professional construction estimating consultants by the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE). Our staff’s previous experience is to work with general contractors, major mechanical and electrical subcontractors. We are experienced with numerous estimating programs like Plan Swift, Bluebeam, and more to meet the specific project needs.

MEP Estimating Services In USA

MEP Estimating Services in USA We offer MEP estimating and construction takeoff services to contractors involved in MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, and PLUMBING. We have a separate department of expert MEP estimators. In MEP estimates, we cover everything, including HVAC, Sheet Metal, Ductwork, Process Piping, pipe insulation, instrumentation & Controls, etc. We use specialized software like Bluebeam, Plan Swift, Trimble for trade-specific cost estimates. Our qualitative and certified estimator accurately takeoff the quantities from the plans to consider essential standards and codes to meet the project requirements.

Projects Cost Estimating Process

Builders, building estimating owners, and MEP contractors need cost estimation services for accurate and fast construction processes in USA. We are the construction cost experts based in NYC, as we use the latest software technology backed by years of experience. Please do not run the risk of costly errors in your construction task and projects, so Call us now!. Our Expert team will prepare an estimate based on your digital plans or prints and enter the information into an Excel spreadsheet for your convenience. Our construction estimating consultants are proficient and skilled in cost estimating of client or personal projects.

Let us take your material pricing, labor costs and create a complete estimate for your commercial construction cost estimator design budget or detailed commercial building cost estimator requirements. We aim to be your partner in performance, offering an array of solutions designed to help you win more bids and assist you in all your takeoff or estimating operations.


What is Covered by the Construction Estimating Company?
Our Cannon Estimation company provides several cost estimating services for construction projects. Cost estimation helps to know the project completion timeline and cost for it.

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✔ Building price estimators
✔ Carpenter
✔ Plumber
✔ Electrician
✔ Mechanical Engineer

Our Top Construction Estimating Companies provides all of these services at an affordable rate, leaving the client with lots of choices to make. Several cost estimating packages are available for the construction industry, including Portable Fabric Scanners, Concrete Spill Kits, Steel Kits, Drywall, Plastic Flooring, etc.
The common practice of our estimator experts helps to analyze and gather requirements successfully because of their vast experience in construction estimating.

What are the Different Phases for Construction Cost Estimating Services?
Cost estimating is an integral facet of the construction process.
First Phase:
The estimator works closely with the architect or design team and the client to understand the client’s wishes and the intended scope of the project.
Second Phase:
Our expert team will seek to compile a comprehensive list of all of the materials required for the project. Including their quantity, cost, weight, and any other considerations that may impact the completion of the project. They will also attempt to determine the length of time a project will take and weigh risk factors that may impact the project timeline.
Third Phase:
Our cost estimator will work closely with the contractor and, in some cases, a worker’s union to determine the labor needs of the project. During this phase, the estimator and contractor may consider the availability of subcontractors and conduct a bid analysis.
Last Phase:
The estimator will present a detailed cost analysis to the various parties involved in the project, including the client, design team, and contractor.

How Important Is Construction Cost Estimating Service?

If you want to invest in building cost estimating software, we can advise you on the advantages of various programs, do the implementation and perform both initial and ongoing training. Outsourcing it to us allows you the freedom to run your enterprise day to day. Do not let construction cost estimating tie you or your workers up with minute details such as counting and measuring every element of your plans. Rely on our superior total solutions for your next project.

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FAQ's about our services

How Long do Estimates Take?

We aim to have estimates turned around in three to five working days due to our ongoing workload and time to receive up-to-date costs for your project.

Why should I choose Cannon Estimation?

Cannon Estimation provides a personal cost estimating service, and we do this by working with you to understand what is important to you. It enables us to provide you with a bespoke report that will help compare return tenders and provide a greater depth of knowledge around the entire construction process, thus ensuring that the projects run smoother.

Why is Cannon Estimation Different from other Estimating Services?

Cannon Estimation offers a unique service for estimating a project, and we achieve this through our strong working relationships with local suppliers and tradesmen. It means that the estimate you receive will have used local material and labor rates rather than relying upon national averages, giving you a more accurate estimate. To allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests.

What do You Need to do a Takeoff or Electrical Estimate?

Would you please email us the project drawings/plans and your takeoff / electrical estimate requirements for a free quote, including charges and turnaround time? After approval of the proposal, we will send you an invoice that can be paid online. To allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests.

I have Multiple Projects; Do You Offer any Monthly/Yearly Subscription Service?

Yes, we offer monthly and yearly packages. The cost depends on the expected number of projects and the scope of works. Contact us if you are interested in our monthly subscription service.
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