About Us

Cannon Estimation, LLC is registered in Georgia providing cost estimates and architectural services since 2003. Our Expert team of Civil Engineers offers construction estimating and innovative design solutions while respecting its clients economic, marketing and esthetic goals. Every project undertaken by our firm is treated individually, and benefits from the years of hospitality, residential and commercial design experience Cannon Estimation, LLC principals and associate bring to their work.

Cannon Estimation, LLC exists to ensure your vision becomes a reality. It is embedded in our core values to help customers solve complex problems ensuring our clients execute projects with peace of mind after getting outsource estimating and architectural services. Our team is dedicated at providing maximum value to design professionals, architecture companies, builders, and government agencies while fulfilling their takeoff and designing needs. Our richly experienced team, excellent customer services record and concise reporting translates customer estimation dreams to reality makes us different from other estimating companies. Our Cost Estimating services provide the solid foundation our clients need to plan for success. We at Cannon Estimation, LLC strive to develop a clear understanding of the costs and risks associated with construction project so our clients can plan better for successful project execution.

High-performance design
Holistic, integrative, data-driven design

At Cannon Estimation, LLC, we believe that high-performance design is good design. Our range of in-house expertise enables us to work in a way that is holistic, integrative and data-driven. Beginning in the earliest stages of a project, we use software tools to help us understand how our design decisions are impacting energy use, the quality of the indoor environment and carbon emissions, to name a few. Throughout design, we use iterative modeling to optimize both passive strategies and active systems, enabling a design process that often results in a higher performing building without compromising project schedules and budgets.

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